Annotated Assessment Act (AAA)

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Annotated Assessment Act (AAA)

The Annotated Assessment Act (AAA), prepared and hosted by MPAC, is a new comprehensive and time-saving tool for property assessment practitioners to conduct legal research and reference prior legal decisions.

The AAA summarizes the current state of Assessment Act case law, including case summaries of more than 800 influential decisions that explain how the Assessment Review Board (ARB) and the courts have interpreted the Assessment Act, the Assessment Act Regulations and the ARB Rules of Practice and Procedure. 

Through purchasing a subscription, property assessment practitioners can use the AAA to access critical information such as: 

- Text of the Assessment Act, Regulations and the ARB Rules.
- Summaries of precedential and influential case law as decided by Canadian Courts and the Assessment Review Board.
- Table of contents with case law sorted by section and legal issue.

As more case files are submitted into our database, MPAC will continue to update the AAA to ensure that users have access to the more recent and relevant information. 

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For more information please contact:

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