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Automated Valuation Model (AVM)

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The Automated Valuation Model (AVM) is an accurate
real-time estimate of market value with coverage of nearly seven million properties in Canada.

MPAC’s AVM has been developed using advanced statistical techniques combined with sound appraisal methodology.

Why choose MPAC’s AVM reports?

Valuation Accuracy
As property valuation experts, MPAC’s real-time values provide accurate results you can rely on.

Data at your Fingertips
Updated daily, MPAC has one of the most detailed datasets in the world with over 2 billion pieces of information.

Save Time
AVM reports provide instant, accurate property values, allowing you to make lending decisions quickly and easily.

Save Money
Access detailed property information, including comparable properties, for less than the cost of traditional appraisal reports.

Detect Fraud
AVM reports provide real-time data that can help you detect potential fraud before it happens.

AVMs can be delivered through propertyline™ or integrated into your computer's applications with our API Service.

AVM Reports

Basic AVM Report
Provides you with essential property information, including the queried property’s address, real-time value and valuation date.

Enhanced AVM Report
A comprehensive property summary including property address, real time value (AVM), valuation date, upper confidence limit, lower confidence limit, confidence rating, year built, frontage, depth, site area, property type and description, total area, total finished basement area, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms.

AVM Comparable Report
This valuable report provides an AVM on a Subject Property and detailed property information on up to 3 comparable properties that have recently sold within the Subject Property’s neighbourhood.

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